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Richil lining

"More thicker fluoropolymer film..."
―― the wish comes out as "Richil lining."

Richil lining is a revolutionary "bake type thick film fluoropolymer lining" with 1 to 3mm film thickness as standard.
It realizes adhesion to substrate and seamless film, which is not available with sheet lining and provide infinite usages and possibilities.
If safety is your priority, choose "Richil lining"-this is Nippon Fusso's recommendation.

Richil lining features

Thick film lining realized through 3D rotational baking.

With electrostatic powder coating, each thin spraying of 50μm (approx.) is layered to form approx 0.6mm thickness. On the other hand, with Richil lining, 1 to 3mm thickness can be achieved with just a few phases of baking.
The secret lies in rotational baking process, and the application of special slurry spraying. Fluoropolymer material is tossed to inside of equipment (for example, tanks), and the equipment is then baked in oven while being rotated three dimensionally. This can achieve thick film lining without having to repeat much thermal history.

Applicable under negative pressure conditions

This bake type lining strongly adheres to metal substrate. No special requirement (vent hole) is needed. Applicable under full vacuum condition.

No seam in the film

While baking, fluoropolymer is melt to form seamless film inside equipment. No trouble of polymer welding at seam nor residue liquid at seam.

Compatible with complex shapes

Like with electrostatic powder coating, the method of spraying powder material onto equipment is limited by its shape. Richil lining can be applied to complex shapes which glass lining and electrostatic powder coating are not able to handle. Piping, for example. Reducing the number of pieces also reduces the number of flanges, making maintenance easier.

Large number of flanges
Glass lining and loose lining

Richil lining requires less flange numbers

Richil lining application method

With Richil lining, every opening of equipment is covered with jig and set in a double axis rotational oven to create film by melting fluoropolymer by three dimensional rotational baking.
The maximum size of application fits within φ3,200 sphere and up to 2 ton weight.

Multilayer structure

When fluoropolymer is applied as a thick film, this can cause the problem of "shrinkage → peel-off." Therefore, multilayer film structure is applied to reduce shrinkage of film when special adhesion is required or high temperature use that is likely to have thermal shrinkage. By putting filler in lower layer to reduce shrinkage coefficient and to disperse shrinking energy which is concentrated at boundary with substrate, releasing force from substrate is reduced.

List of Richil lining grades

Main purpose / grade Main materials Maximum operation temperature Color/Tone Standard film thickness General property compparison Note
Non-stick Low friction Abrasion resistance Insulation Anti-electrostatic charge Anti-corrosion
Super thick film anti-corrosion NF-014H ETFE 180℃ Black 1.0mm ◎◎ × × ◎◎ NF-014 thick film version
NF-715 ETFE 180℃ White 2.0mm ◎◎ × ◎◎ Super thick film anti-corrosion specification
NF-716 ETFE 180℃ White 2.0mm ◎◎ × ◎◎ Super thick film specification against heat cycles
NF-740 Composite 200℃ Dark brown 1.5mm × ◎◎ Super thick film specification with excellent permeation resistance
NF-750 Composite 260℃ Black 1.5mm × ◎◎ Super thick film specification with excellent permeation resistance
Super thick film anti-electrostatic NF-715EC ETFE 180℃ Light gray 2.0mm × ◎◎ ◎◎ Super thick film specification for anti-corrosion and anti-electrostatic
Super thick film high purity NF-715EL ETFE 180℃ White 2.0mm ◎◎ × ◎◎ Metal elution countermeasure + super thick film specification
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